Best Wireless Earbuds : Design, Performance, Specifications & Price

Love earphones? Well, if not for the sake of music, earphones have become essential for a lot of reasons. Do you belong to the fraternity who cannot part with the earphones? However, you are seriously thinking about getting wireless earphones as the conventional ones with wires do make life miserable at times. They will necessarily tangle, get caught and cause all sorts of inconvenience. Of course, the wireless earphones or to be precise the wireless earbuds are currently in favor. But, do you know about the best true wireless earbuds? Fret not! We are here to help. To help you navigate the options, we dug into the offerings of the latest wireless earbuds. Our comprehensive review of the best wireless earbuds will surely help you to find one that suits your needs.

Are wireless earbuds really worth it?

Even as you prepare to search for the best wireless earbuds, you will get lots of advice on the limitations of these wireless devices. But, we suggest, you pay a deaf ear to those “priceless” advice, as at the present day, you can get a serious audio experience while you are on the go without the wires. Thanks to the breakthrough advancements and the introduction of Bluetooth 4.0, the wireless earbuds have become as much reliable as their wired counterparts. Well, of course, you need to pay more for these wireless variants, but you finally have the option to enjoy your music without those cables, and this should be the best reason for you to introspect. Both the wired and wireless earbuds have certain advantages and limitations. But, the present day true wireless earbuds are really worth the appreciation.

The difference between wireless earbuds and true wireless earbuds:

Meanwhile, we need to pause for a few minutes. As you should know, what is the fuss about the wireless and true wireless earbuds? The wireless earbuds or headphones co-exist with their wired counterparts for quite some time now; this was possible as Bluetooth started to gain popularity. But for reasons unknown these devices were not in favor of the audio fraternity. The reason being Bluetooth was unable to do a decent job in transmitting music at the required high resolutions. The advent of aptX, a codec completely changed the game. The codec helps in transmitting higher bitstreams at a much lower latency. From thereon, the concept of the true wireless got momentum, and finally, the true wireless came into existence.

There isn’t a trace of cord anywhere in the true wireless earbuds. Do you remember, earlier we had to use the wireless earbuds only some distance away for the music player? The true wireless earbuds offer a great deal of motion, and thus you hear impeccable sound quality. These wireless earbuds we are going to talk about a bit later will make you drool over them.

How we chose the best wireless earbuds

Before we head too far down the hole, we reiterate, your decision to go for the wireless earbuds depends a lot on your preferences and lifestyle. While evaluating the wireless earbuds we primarily kept our focus on the following. Based on the test results we handpicked the best wireless earbuds for you.

1. Audio Quality

Of course, you are going to love the wire-free experience with these wireless earbuds, but the sound quality will differ depending on the environment and the distance from your smart device. Usually, the range of the top-quality wireless earbuds can be 30 feet or more. We identified some of the wireless earbuds that offer minimum interference. However, it is still advisable to keep the smart device nearby to get a brighter sound. You already know, Bluetooth is one of the main factors determining the sound quality of your wireless medium. However, good quality wireless earbuds and the device used for playing can also impact the sound quality. Thus, we selected the excellent audio equipment, and we got excellent sound quality.

2. Battery Life

Wireless earbuds will inevitably require a power source. Thus the batteries are indispensable when you use it. We preferred those which come with the rechargeable batteries accompanied with a mini or micro USB cable. Some of the best wireless earbudstook a little under three hours to recharge, which according to us is going to be pretty acceptable for everyone.

3. Portability

Wireless earbuds offer the best portability they are very simple to place in the ear and will stay in there no matter what you do. When you take a look at our top picks of the best wireless earbuds, you will get a hint, these are super-easy to fit in, and they will stay put even when you are doing an intense workout. Our handpicked wireless earbuds will be ideal for athletes and active persons such as frequent travelers, and gamers.

4. Compatibility

These wireless earbuds are mostly compatible with all the Bluetooth-enabled devices. Some of the latest models offer compatibility with the newly released Bluetooth versions (5.0). However, it is equally essential these earbuds are backward compatible as you may have older devices at your home and not planning to upgrade them soon. All the earbuds we tested have this feature.

5. Price

Wireless earbuds owing to their convenience will be expensive. Ultimately, the price you pay for them would depend on the features. The wireless earbuds that pack the most solid punch are more likely to cost you an arm and a leg. If you love the combo of fashion and function and looking for some of the latest and greatest wireless earbuds, prepare to pay more. The earphone/headphone technology is always evolving, as new wireless earbuds enter the foray the price tag of these devices will fluctuate. A good pair of wireless earbud can cost between $200 to$400.

List of The Best Wireless Earbuds With it’s all Features:

Finally, we are ready to cut the cord, familiarize with the best true wireless earbuds,

1. Apple Airpods

The protagonists of the true wireless earbuds, the Apple Airpods are the best option for iPhone users. Almost all the features are excellent like the connectivity, battery life, and form factor. The Apple Airpods as you can understand will not workwith the other devices. We decided to include this in our list as the iPhone population is continually swelling.


The unique style of Apple Airpods is worth looking. For those who are familiar with Apple’swired earbuds would find the Apple Airpods drastically similar in appearance. The feature that distinguishes the two is the section of the earbud. The Airpodhas a thicker arm to facilitate the battery and microphone. Design-wise, theApple Airpods do not appear very elegant and stylish; this might come as a disappointment as we are accustomed to looking at the Apple devices as a style statement.

Here, Apple sticks with the conventional design, which heavily relies on the concept of free size. The plastic casing adequately adjusts into the ears firmly. You can shake your head vigorously the earbuds will not fall out. Strangely, you will get the feeling; the earbuds are not secure. So, you would feel skeptic before you use them for exercising or running. We sincerely believe, Apple should have given a bit more thought on this aspect. Nevertheless, the Apple Airpods are comfortable for the ears; they will never press the insides of the ea, so you can continue to wear them for as long as you want.

 Sound Quality

The sound quality is charming. It has a perfect balance of bass and treble that makes listening to music a sheer delight. You can enjoy all kinds of music on it depending on the work for which you are seeking help. Thus, enjoy peppy music or soft music when you are trying to get the adrenaline flow going or to retire at the end of the day respectively. The ardent lovers of music may not like that these earbuds do not quite pack the crispness or details of the sound. Overall, you will appreciate the music experience when you put on the Apple Airpods.


The connectivity is excellent. You only need to open the Airpods from the case and turn it on. It will pair with your phone immediately. Thereon, you do not need to pair theAirpods with your devices they will automatically turn off, as soon as you remove them from your ears. In the real sense, this is the way; all the wireless earbuds should perform. The Apple Airpords can pair with all the other Apple devices like iPads, and the Apple watch easily.

 Controlling with Siri

Do not look for the remote control that is common with all the wireless and portable earphones at the present day. For controlling the Apple Airpods, you will have to depend on Siri. You need to double-tap on both the earbuds to activate Siri and use your voice to control the functionalities. However, the concept of tapping both the earbuds to control simple functions can be embarrassing, as this is much easier when you control these functions with a remote. Apart from monitoring the music section, Siri works exceptionally well when you want to make voice calls. Siri will manage all the work accurately as if you are using the phone itself.

 Battery Life

Apple claims the battery life to last for more than five hours. During our tests we found the claim to be accurate. Similarly, it does not take too long to recharge when the battery is down. We must say, Apple has done a commendable job by designing one of the best charging cases. You can charge the case with the help of the Lightning port. When the charge is full, the charging case can recharge the Airpods at least four times.


The design of the Apple Airpod is open-back, and its driver type is Dynamic, the battery life is 5 hours (onboard), and the battery life (charging case) is 20 hours. The wireless range is 10m. It, however, does not support Near Field Communication(NFC).

  • The Apple Airpods are easy to pair with the other Apple devices without having to toggle the Bluetooth menu of the device.
  • The sound quality in one word is exceptional.
  • The inbuilt microphone will always catch your voice, and it is straightforward to use.

  • The Airpods rely entirely on Siri to control its functionalities.
  • You might not find this suitable when you are on the go or amidst a crowd.
  • The non-inclusion of a remote control does hurt. You will seldom appreciate the idea of getting the phone out of your pocket for the sake of skipping a track.


Any product of Apple will come with the expensive price tag. The way you handle its operations will make you think if it is worthwhile to buy other wireless earbuds that are a lot cheaper and offer greater controls. Unless you are a dedicated fan ofApple, Apple Airpods are not for everyone.

2. Jabra Elite 65t

Just go for the Jabra Elite 65t. We tested this wireless earbud for over fifteen days, and we could not help but sing praises for it. The Jabra Elite 65t excels in all departments like usability, features, and sound quality. We assure, after using the wireless earbud for a few days, you will start loving it. You might look at the price factor and wonder if you are paying too much, but they are worth every penny.


The design of JabraElite 65t is nothing exceptional. Both the earbuds and charging case are of plastic, but somehow, you will appreciate its understated looks. The earbuds are relaxed and comfortable for the ear; you can wear them for as long as you want without any problems. The perforations present in the earbuds make it easy for the mic to trace your voice when you need to make calls, these perforations can be customized how much sound from the outside you want to let in. The manufacturers have included an option in the Jabra app with which you can control the external noise. The Jabra app is available for both the iOS and Android. A lot of thought is visible by the makers in designing the app; it gives you a wide array of presets to choose. If you are an Android user, you require downloading another Jabra service specifically designed for using the actual Jabra Sound app.

The earbuds give you the option of choosing from a different set of controls. For instance, there is a rocker in the left earbud which allows you to adjust the volume. Long pressing it would help you to change tracks. Similarly, the button in the right earbud will let you play or pause music, make and answer voice calls, and activate the voice assistant, all by long pressing it. The right earbud can also double up as a power button again by long pressing it.

The charging case can be a slippery customer, but it is very compact, and it has a micro USB charging port. The presence of this charging port is a big letdown, considering all the modern devices now use the USB-C ports. The earbuds are not magnetic. Therefore you need to place them correctly when you close the charging lid.


The best thing about the earbuds, they turn on automatically when you when you remove them from the case, likewise, they turn off when you put them back. Isn’t this an excellent feature for the bunch of forgetful people? Those who regularly travel would find the Jabra Elite 65t to be the best option. You can block the external noise as per your needs, and at the same time, if you need to be aware of the surroundings, you can make use of the app for allowing a specific amount of outside noise.


Excellent would be an understatement when we talk about wireless performance. The earbuds can instantly connect to the phone and will hardly ever falter. You may always use one earbud at a time. However, you ought to remember; the right earbud is the main one. You can use the right earbud only for making voice calls easily. When you take out the left earbud out from the charging case, it automatically connects to the other earbud, and you can start enjoying your favorite music.

 Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Jabra Elite 65t will impress you for sure. They have a perfect balance; mainly the bass is something you cannot ignore. The highs of the music are perfectly rolled off. You will never feel they are too loud. Albeit, there are wireless earbuds that offer even superior sound, but you cannot ignore this one.

 Battery Life

According to the manufacturers, this wireless earbud is going to last for five hours when on a charge. However, during our evaluation, we noted they continued more than the stipulated time, we insisted on listening to the music on either medium or low volume. If you further want to extend the time recharge the charging case, and you get around fifteen hours of foot-tapping music. A great thing we noticed, the charging case can be revived at the speed of knots.


The design of the Jabra Elite 65t is closed, and its driver type is Dynamic, the battery life is 2.5 hours (onboard), and the battery life (charging case) is 25 hours. The wireless range is 8m, and it does not support Near Field Communication (NFC).

  • You will love the design and performance of the Jabra Elite 65t.
  • It is straightforward to use, and it has excellent battery life.
  • The sound is also of the highest quality.

  • For those who are not careful, the earbuds will tend to slip easily.
  • The same goes for the case.
  • The ear tip selection could have a longer extension, and the earbuds are not water resistant.


We have no hesitation in admitting the Jabra Elite 65t can be a great choice. Well, it is costlier than the Apple Airpords, but their sound quality is also far superior.Look wise, they win hands down over the Apple variants. As you can see, thecons are very acceptable, and it has lots of great features. If you are a musiclover and cannot go without earbuds, the Jabra Elite 65t is a perfect choice.

3. Optoma NuForce BE Free5

The OptomaNuForce BE Free5 earbuds are ideal for those who are eyeing a cheaper product that does not compromise with the qualities. Overall, they will impress you, with its looks and are very easy to use. It does have some issues of grey but consider them a good pair of earbuds for the newbie. Nevertheless, the product is a classic example that illustrates how well the wireless earbuds have transformed in recent times. It has several good qualities like decent sound, good battery life, and a robust Bluetooth connection. The earbuds look very elegant; each of them has a LED which turns on when they are connected.


While reviewing the best wireless earbuds, we found a couple of products from the same manufacturer that is on top of the game. You will read about the other OptomaNuForce BE product later in this guide. The reason we mention this is because the Optoma NuForce BE 5 sports a mature look than the other product of the same genre. Handling this wireless earbud is much convenient owing to its plastic texture. Mentioning about the earbuds, they are perfectly built and has a textured black and includes a glossy end-cap at the end which operates like the button for the earbuds. The bright color makes it look good when you are out. Each of the earbuds has a LED that notifies you on the connection status, pairing, or when your battery is about to die.


The inclusion of a single button to control the operations can get jittery at times. You have to be precise on the timing else you would not achieve the desired results. For instance, you ought to press any one of the earbuds for a couple of seconds for adjusting the volume. By chance, if the time exceeds, the earbuds will turn off. Similarly, if you press for a shorter duration, it will pause the ongoing music. You will instead opt for the physical buttons which do not involve these intricacies.

On the flipside, there are some good aspects too. The charging case and the earbuds are of the same plastic which makes it easy to deal with fingerprint issues. The case along with the earbuds has a magnetic hinge so you would not find it difficult to fit them in the case. The charger supports micro USB charging and does not include the USB-C charging. For further convenience, the manufacturer has included four pairs of eartrips and three sets of wings. It helps the cause of those who are into intense workouts. The earbuds will never fall out no matter whatever you do.

 Sound Quality

The sound quality is admirable, in fact, the earbuds sound better than many of the expensive wireless earbuds. We did not find any sound disturbances irrespective of whether the sound was high or low. The bass is even better, and you will love it when you play your favorite music. The ambient noise is also taken good care of; this feature will be handy for those who love listening to music on the go.


In this front, the wireless earbuds disappoint a lot. The left earbud will drop out now and then that too when you are not commuting. Understandably, when you use it on the go, the percentage of dropouts will increase considerably. The sole factor which does not makes it appear on the first priority in the best wireless earbuds arena.

 Battery Life

According to the manufacturers, the battery life is sixteen hours, the charging case can recharge the earbuds three times. During our evaluation, we found the claim to be correct.


The design of the Jabra Elite 65t is closed and has a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, the battery life is 4.5 hours (on board), and the battery life (charging case) is 13.5 hours. We could not find the wireless range, and it does not support Near Field Communication (NFC).

  • The design is good, and they are very comfortable to wear.
  • The sound quality and isolation are also up to the mark.

  • The single button for performing various actions is a letdown. Similarly, the controls are not going to please the user, and the connection dropouts will never impress you in the long run.


The Nuforce BEFree5 wireless earbuds are the most affordable of the lot. For the price you are paying, you get a good design, and better sound quality than many of the expensive wireless earbuds. The connection dropout is the only serious drawback which the company needs to address seriously. Still, given the features and quality, these earbuds offer great value.

4. Sony WF-SP700N Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

The SonyWF-SP700N is an affordable option for you. Though it highlights the noise-cancellation in its label, it does not do it perfectly. Nevertheless, these earbuds are very comfy for your ears, and Sony shows the intent that they are en route to rolling out few good wireless earbuds in the future. For those who remember, the predecessor of the current wireless earbuds was not well-received by consumers. Sony almost makes up for the mistakes but not entirely.


The design of the WF-SP700N wireless earbuds will surely catch everyone’s attention. They fit comfortably to the ears. As soon as you try to open the earbuds from the charging case, you will realize this is going to be a struggle. Yes, it takes some effort to bring them out.

Similarly, you will find it equally challenging when you want to put them back to the charging case. The charging case can give two full charges for the earbuds. The process of recharging the earbuds is a breeze. The charging case features a micro USB port and also includes the NFC option.

The earbuds get fit to the ears with utmost ease. It comes with many tips and wings which adds to the convenience. You can be sure; the earbuds will never slip no matter if you are doing an intense workout. The WF-SP700N has only a single button on each of the earbuds for controlling it. You have the options for playing and pausing music, skip songs, and to rewind the songs. Strangely, you will not find any opportunity to control the volume of the earbuds. You can make and receive voice calls only via the left earbud.


Sony WF-SP700N seems to have come out with the wireless earbuds to silent the critics who were disappointed to see the lack of bass on the older wireless earbuds model fromSony. Bass plays a significant role in this model. But in trying to concentrate too much on the bass, Sony seems to have overdone it. You will always get a solid bass even when you are listening to the music in low volume. Thankfully, you get an app which can help you customize the way you hear the sounds.

There is a limitation on the codecs that WF-SP700N supports; it is only two of them. So, your playback options are somewhat limited. Sony has highlighted the noise-cancellation feature, but it is not able to do so with precision. It is only capable of filtering some light background noise. So, you will not find it handy, when you are traveling through a busy area.

 Sound Quality

The overall sound quality is decent. You can further enhance the quality via the app, here you will find an exclusive option “Sound Quality Mode.” You can tweak the settings here to get the right sound. With the help of the noise-cancellation feature, you have the option to tune everything out and only allowing the ambient noise and the voice of the humans around.


The signal strength makes up for the drawbacks of the noise-cancellation feature. You will find it incredibly easy to pair it with an Android device. Only if you are in densely crowded place, the connection dropouts can happen often. However, this happens because too many devices try to connect with each other. When you use these wireless earbuds while taking a walk, the connection dropouts are non-existent.

 Battery Life

According to the manufacturers, the battery life is 4.5 hours, the charging case can recharge the earbuds to extend the listening time to13.5 hours. During our evaluation, we found the claim to be accurate.


The design of the Sony WF-SP700N is closed and has a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, the battery life is 4.5 hours (on board), and the battery life (charging case) is13.5 hours. We could not find the wireless range, and it does not support NearField Communication (NFC).

  • Kick more bass with these earbuds so that bass lovers would swear for it.
  • It fits very comfortably to the ears and has excellent controls.

  • Despite the emphasis on the noise-cancellation the clarity of sound is missing. Sony needs to look into several areas where there is a scope of improvement.


Overall, theSony WF-SP700N is a good option for a true wireless earbud. Albeit, we would have preferred some more improved features like the noise-cancellation feature which would have made the sound much better, but it can still be an affordable buy for an active person. We regard this product as a decent one among the league of the other wireless earbuds.

5. Optoma NuForce BE Free8

As promised earlier, here is the other variant of the Optoma NuForce BE. These are true wireless earbuds and available at an affordable price. The earbuds do not have advanced features like noise-filtering and one-tap pairing, but they are a very decent pair of earbuds and ensure you get the essential functions working correctly. You will find using the earbuds incredibly easy, and it also has good sound quality. Given the price of the wireless earbuds, we have no hesitation in stating them as the best entry-level wireless earbuds.


Right from the looks, you will get the impression; these earbuds are very basic. It has a simple design and is from plastic. They earbuds sport a glossy black finish which is pleasing to the eyes but tend to be slippery and inevitably get scratches. The design of the charging case is very similar to that of the earbuds. We keep on reiterating, the functions of the earbuds is elementary. So, do not expect touch control features in it. There are small buttons adequately placed on the top of each earbud which controls the operations of the earbuds. It turns on as soon as it is taken out from the charging case and you need to use the buttons to perform the actions like play, pause, skip, and rewind.

The wireless earbuds are moisture and water resistant as they support the IPX5 splashes, and gets fit into the ears well. So, those of you who plan to hit the gym with these earbuds on should feel happy. The performance of these earbuds will remain unaffected. The plastic build and the physical buttons will inevitably make you hear a clunking sound when you press the buttons, but that does not affect the sound quality in any way.


The left earbud is the master, and you need to control it accurately for playback and pairing it with the other devices. There is a button on the right earbud too, but it has limited functions, instead only one, to turn it on when it is inactive. The noise-isolation feature makes it a winner. If you get the right fit, you have a plethora of tips to choose from the given option. The manufacturer offers all these tips, and you should try them all, to get the best fit. Even if you are in a noisy place, the earbuds will manage to isolate all the outside noise with sheer perfection.

 Sound Quality

With the noise-isolation feature, the sound quality has to be decent. You will enjoy listening to all your favorite music. The settings are correctly set up so you do not feel it to be too loud or harsh when you are playing it for an extended period. In fact, you will love the hearing experience for as long as you want. Since the wireless earbuds are very basic, they lack the detail and definition, but the hearing experience is still pleasurable.


The wireless connection is good, but you need both the earbuds to stay close to each other. We found another unique feature; when we tried to share music with others, we were not successful. Only when the recipient and the sender are at a certain distance, the wireless earbuds use the near-field magnetic induction we were successful. As already mentioned the left earbud is the master, and thus it plays a significant role when you are trying to establish a connection or pairing.

 Battery Life

The wireless earbuds score high in the battery department also. You get a combined listening time of sixteen hours. The earbuds are capable of playing for four hours at astretch. The battery life as mentioned by the manufacturer is accurate.


The design of the Optoma NuForce BE Free8 is closed, and has a frequency response of20-20,000Hz, the battery life is 4 hours (on board), and the battery life(charging case) is 16 hours. We could not find the wireless range, and it does not support Near Field Communication (NFC). Instead, it supports near field magnetic connection.

  • The noise-isolation feature guarantees excellent sound quality.
  • The extended battery life of sixteen hours is also the USP of the wireless earbuds.

  • The pairing can be a problem if not positioned properly.
  • The full-plastic build does not makeit look elegant, and it also makes the earbuds a slippery customer, you will inevitably drop it on the ground several times.


The Optoma NuForce BE Free8 is not incredible by any means. But at an affordable price, you get more than decent sound quality and excellent battery life. For anyone, who is on a tight budget and wants to explore the world of wireless earbuds for the first time, the Optoma NuForce BE Free8 is the best choice for you.

6. B&O Beoplay E8 Wireless Earphones

The B&OBeoplay E8 Wireless Earphones are the most elegant looking wireless earbuds. They have incredible features and are equally expensive. Just for your information, the B&O Beoplay E8 costs three times more than some of the first wireless earbuds. Honestly, B&O Beoplay E8 earbuds are for those who do not like to compromise with quality, good battery life, and impressive looks. The charging case looks equally stylish.


Honestly, before getting into the intricacies of the features of the earbuds, we spent a lot of time appreciating the design the charging case. The pure leather charging case guarantees complete protection of the earbuds and at the same time charging them. The case is robust and supports the earbuds perfectly. As you should expect with such an expensive wireless earbud, they do not include any physical buttons. The earbuds come with touch-sensitive pads for controlling the functions of the earbuds. Initially, it will take some time before you learn the number of taps necessary to perform a specific action, you should be able to master the art after using them for a few days. You can feel a bit irritated at times, as the earbuds tend to fit far into the ear canal, tapping it on a regular basis will push them further deep into the ear. The charging case recharges the earbuds with a micro USB cord. You also get a wide array of ear tips including one made of foam, select the one that fits best to the ears.


The B&OBeoplay E8 makes use of a different technology to communicate with other devices. It uses the NFMI technology which ensures there are no connection drops. You can remove the earbuds from their charging case and press the touch button which will automatically prepare them to pair with the available devices. We advise you to get the Beoplay app which will give you the freedom to enhance the sound quality further. The NFC support also provides a boost with when you try to connect the wireless earbuds with the devices nearby.

The app gives you two distinct features, OneTouch and Transparency. The OneTouch feature is similar to a visual equalizer, and you can play with it to change the audio experience. For example, you can draw a dot around four areas, and the audio will behave accordingly. The feature is a bonus and feels great to work with in comparison to the standard equalizers. The Transparency feature gives you the liberty to decide when you want the voices happening outside to let in. Again, this is a great addition, if someone is trying to establish verbal communication with you, tapping the left earbud will solve the matter, you do not need to put down the earbuds.

 Sound Quality

The audio quality is sensational. We ought to admit; it is the ultimate wireless earbud for hearing music at its best. With a plethora of presets to work with, you have endless options to tweak the settings and hear the music according to your choice. Similarly, you can pair your smartphone with the earbuds for making voice calls. Expectedly, the voice clarity is exceptional. We tried it in verynoisy environments and found it hardly causes any significant disturbances.

 Battery Life

The Battery Life like many other wireless earbuds is four hours. The recharging case holds good for another two charges, and you get a combined twelve hours of playback. It hardly takes a couple of hours to recharge the earbuds when the battery is completely dead.


The design of the B&O Beoplay E8 Wireless Earphones is closed, and its driver type is Electro-Dynamic, the battery life is 4 hours (on board), and the battery life (charging case) is 8 hours. It is incredibly light at 13g. The wireless range is 100 ft, and it has support for Near Field Communication (NFC).

  • The B&O Beoplay E8 Wireless Earphones boasts of exceptional sound quality and design.
  • The setup procedure is super easy.
  • The foam ear tips are the best additions for comfortable wearing.
  • The touchpad is a nice addition controlling the earbuds and tweaking with the various options is a delightful experience.

  • The price factor will not impress all. Sometimes, the dropouts do happen which is inexcusable considering its high price.
  • The micro USB charging is a letdown, as it should have included the current charging USB-C.
  • The firmware updating system is not particularly evident.


The B&O Beoplay E8 Wireless Earphones is nearly the perfect wireless earbuds. There are a few flaws here and there which could have been bettered. But, as we continue to say, the wireless headphone arena is continually evolving, and this is just the beginning of an era. We are sure B&O Beoplay E8 will soon come out with affordable and feature-rich wireless earbuds in the forthcoming years. For the time being, if you have the cash to burn, go for these wireless earbuds, at least to enjoy the mind-blowing features and sound quality.


Wireless earbuds are fast becoming a rage. As you know, many smartphones have discontinued providing headphone jacks, so the wireless earbuds become an automatic choice for those who rely on their headphones for making calls or listening to music. The field of wireless earbuds is continually developing and that too at a rapid pace. We are keeping our fingers crossed and expecting some great wireless earbuds with mind-blowing features.

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